Quality Policy

By diligently following the methods below , Trust Nepal Overseas ensures a consistently high standard of quality service that reflects its ethical values, dedication to humane treatment, and commitment to positive impact to the every individuals: 

Clear Ethical Guidelines

We establish and communicate clear ethical guidelines to all team members, ensuring that ethical conduct is upheld in all interactions and processes.

Comprehensive Training

We provide thorough training to team members on ethical standards, industry best practices, and the importance of humane treatment in recruitment and business operations.

Regular Audits and Reviews

We conduct periodic audits and reviews of internal processes to assess adherence to ethical standards and identify areas for improvement.

Client Selection Criteria

We Carefully select and collaborate with clients who align with ethical values and commitment in their daily practices.

Transparency and Communications

We foster open communication channels with clients, candidates and team members to ensure transparency and address any ethical concerns promptly.

Diverse Expertise

We build a diverse team with expertise across various domains, enabling comprehensive and well-informed decision-making.

Continuous Learning

We encourage a culture of continuous learning, staying updated with industry trends, ethical considerations, and best practices.

Feedback Mechanism

We implement mechanisms for collecting feedback from clients, candidates and team members to continuously improve service quality.

Sustainable Practices

We integrate sustainable practices into operations, reflecting a commitment to environmental protection and responsible business conduct.


We establish clear lines of accountability within the organization, ensuring that team members are responsible for upholding ethical standards.

Regular Assessment

We periodically assess the impact of Trust Nepal Overseas' services on clients, candidates and team members making necessary adjustments for enhanced quality.

Continuous Improvement

We embrace a culture of continuous improvement, regularly evaluating processes and implementing changes to elevate service quality.


We encourage innovative thinking to explore new ways of delivering services while maintaining ethical and quality standards.

Collaborative Approach

We foster collaboration among team members, clients, and candidates to collectively enhance the quality and impact of Trust Nepal Overseas' services.

Feedback Integration

We utilize feedback received from clients , candidates and team members to refine services and ensure alignment with their needs and expectations.

An Ethical and Responsible Recruitment Agency
ISO 9001:2015 Certified Agency
Chappalkarkhana, Maharajgunj,
Kathmandu, Nepal
G.P.O. Box : 8975 E.P.C.: 4196
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