CSR Initiatives

Through the following CSR initiatives, Trust Nepal Overseas aims to create a lasting and positive impact on society underscoring its commitment to ethical values for the betterment of communities in need.

Education Funded by Rabin Foundation

Medical Camp 2018

Medical Expense and Food provided

Pre Examination for Funding Chepang Children

Providing Blankets and Fruits to Old Age Home

Providing School Stationery to Kalika School in Sindhupalchowk

Educational Empowerment

By collaborating with local schools and educational institutions, we provide resources, scholarships, and mentorship programs that empower underprivileged students to pursue higher education and fulfill their potential.

Community Outreach

We organize regular community engagement activities such as health camps, sanitation drives, and skill development workshops to uplift disadvantaged communities and improve their quality of life.

Environment Conservation

We collaborate with environmental organizations to support reforestation projects, waste management initiatives, and awareness campaigns that promote sustainability and protect the environment.

Employee Volunteerism

We encourage and facilitate employees' participation in volunteer activities, offering paid volunteer leave and opportunities to contribute to various social and environmental causes.

Support for Persons with Disabilities

Collaborating with organizations working in the field, we focus on the well-being and inclusion of persons with disabilities offering job placement assistance, accessibility improvements, and awareness campaigns.

Humanitarian Aid

We respond to crises and natural disasters by providing immediate humanitarian aid, including food, shelter, and medical supplies to the affected communities.

Ethical Business Workshop

We conduct workshops and seminars to educate businesses about the importance of ethical conduct promoting responsible business practices within the corporate sector.

Supporting Art and Culture

We collaborate with local artists and cultural organizations to preserve and promote traditional art forms, cultural heritage, and artistic expression.

Elderly Care

We establish programs that cater to the needs of the elderly offering companionship, healthcare support, and recreational activities to enhance their quality of life.

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